#tbt to when I went through that phase where I wore bandanas on my head and bandaids on face.. feat. Miss Chloe ( that IS you right?..HAHAHAHAH) oh gosh #whatwasithinking #thosehighschooldays #ithinkthiswasfreshmanyear #2006 (at RCHS)

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it’s days like today when I just need my classical music and my honey-lemon green tea with boba to calm me down. this pocket of peace is what’s keeping me going today

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japan is some next level country. 

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are we still doing that 3OH!3 thing

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one thing i miss about taiwan is the music videos. they always have translated lyrics all creatively done at the bottom~ and they remind viewers which member is who when they’re on close up (: oh taiwan~ no wonder taiwanese girls are so into kpop hahah

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part II of my #lakpopfestival adventures includes COLD bodies, spontaneous dinner performances, and new best friends. it’s officially Monday so I want to take this time to say that not only is Tom my #MCM but he is also the best friend I could ever ask for. Through all the festivities yesterday I ended up losing my car keys and this guy drove me an hour back and forth between my house and his to get my spare at 4:30AM even though he was HELLA FREAKIN TIRED. he even gave me his bed to sleep in when I was obviously in no condition to drive another hour back home. YOU DA BEST BIFFL 💛💛💛 (honorable mention goes to Shannon too for helping me look for my keys and calming me down in my time or crisis 😘😘😊)

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good drinks, good company, good vibes~ i wouldn’t have spent it any other way :) did y’all enjoy the #lakpopfestival ??~

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